Terra Null

Terra Null is a gritty, hard-fought and clinically refined brand that grows from LA based production firm, Ambi Studio. Once a shadow or mercenary, through much experience perfecting best practices, now blooms a new line. Meticulous, imperfect construction reflect a fondness for Japanese production methods, while the spirit of the brand, which is cut, sewn, designed and washed entirely in Los Angeles, nods west, to shoegaze, post-punk and no-wave.

Founded by wash visionary, Lukus Eichmann, Terra Null leverages elite mills, laundries and production houses to craft singular garments using one-off processes. Long an author for other lines as co-founder of a commercial wash facility and production studio, Terra Null is unfiltered and pure; a presentation what the finest garment studio in the world has to offer.

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