Edward Green Galway in Rosewood country calf grain leather last 64 Veldtschoen construction

Edward Green

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We are pleased to introduce Edward Green at Frans Boone Store.

A pair of handmade shoes that offers the ultimate leather, fit and make. Overwhelming us with it's beauty and history.

Hey, something dutch? Veldtschoen? Yes Sir, this is a different construction, instead of Goodyear that has the welted stitched solewith the leather turned inwards, the Veldtschoen (field shoe) has it turned outwards, stitched to the top of the welt were goodyear stitches it to the bottom of the welt. Ad less stitches on the upper construction.

This in combination with the Ridgeway soles and the country calf  grain leather makes it a waterproof boot, for everywhere use.

Sizes are in UK/US E width






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