Merz B Schwanen 271 socks 2 thread cotton red melange

Merz b. Schwanen

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These socks introduced 2years ago are now our bestselling socks. The quality is 100% organic cotton, it's selling in addition to boots and sneakers too. They can be washed hot, so perfect for the feet.

100% cotton , made in Germany,

Again this superb piece of craftmanship was made in Germany, on 1920 knitting machines, stored in the 60'ies and rebuilt lately. The machines are reliable, but not perfect. The small irregularities within the fabric are an essential part of the characteristic look and feel of the garments. They only use high quality bio-cotton, produced by certified European suppliers. All materials are 100 percent natural and thus are very skin- and ecofriendly.

At Merz b. Schwanen, all production processes are made in Germany. The sewing is handled by independent manufacturers in the Swabian Alps, the labels are loomed on a traditional Jaquard loom from the 19th century. Even the boxes the shirts come in are produced by a family business following the original designs.


100% cotton made in Germany



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