The Beatles x Comme des Garçons T shirt across the universe white

by The Beatles x Comme des Garçons

€ 120.00
€ 99.17 ex vat (outside EU, import tax not included)

Across the Universe, All you need is love, a Yellow Submarine; Do we need to say more?

Made & Printed in Japan, these tee's are for those who appreciate the exclusive prints designed by Rei Kawakubo in a collab between Apple Corps Ltd. 

For the current Play Comme des Garçons generation, The Beatles are 4 guys your grand parents were dancing on in strange moves, but they started  with guys like Rolling Stones the different clans of pop/rock music, some years after another strange bird you propably never heard of; Elivs Presley. For those who just like a great tee with an exlcusive print, reminding this,  here you are.

We stock the tees in several prints, the prices are based on the rights to be paid to Apple corps ltd. But who cares, they are just great to have or the perfect gift for an old man :-)

Remember; These tees are made in a cotton that wasn't chemically finished, so they will shrink one size washing them, so don't order it to small.

Clcik on the check the fit button to see all sizes and to compare it with a tee that fits you.

100% cotton, made in Japan