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Civilian tanker jacket tank battalion

The winter combat jacket, commonly known as the tanker jacket, this piece was designed specifically for tank crews in WWII Europe. These are deliberately very simple jackets, as tanks are cramped on the inside and excessive features on the outside of the jacket would likely snag on interior details of the vehicle.

 During the later years of the war and after, many of the military garments were made for private purchase and civilian markets. The tanker jacket (as the winter combat jacket was now widely known) proved to be very popular. This led to contractors making private purchase versions. They differed from the original military versions on things like weight (the wool lining replaced for quilted lining) and the use of different cotton fabrics for the outer shell.

 We offer a “clean” version and this version: a jacket with patches from the 2nd US Infantry Division. The emblem of this division is the head of a Native American placed in in a star on a black shield. The 2nd Division was first constituted on 21 September 1917. The division fought with distinction in Europe during both World War 1 and 2. On the 23th of July 1950 the 2nd US Infantry Division was the first American unit to reach Korea directly from the United States after the outbreak of hostilities during that summer. They were active, back and forth, from Pusan to the Manchurian border, delivering and suffering heavy casualties to/from both North Korean and Chinese forces. In the course of this conflict a tank unit was attached to the division. By the way, the US Army shirt John Lennon is wearing at the “One to One” Benefit Concert on August 30, 1972 at Madison Square Garden, New York is also from the 2nd US Infantry Division (the division was never active in Vietnam however).


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