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Velva Sheen 2 pack pocket tee 2 white

by Velva Sheen

€ 89.00
€ 73.55 ex vat (outside EU, import tax not included)

    Established in 1932, as a sportswear brand out of Cincinnati, Ohio; they were known for their Sweat Shirts and T-Shirts for Colleges and Sports teams alike.
    VELVA SHEEN also was a go to body line for the Marine Corps. Back in the day, their usage of the 4 needle machine, fabrication and design was a staple for the American Casual line.
    The main feature on the classic 2pac tee is the tubular knit, something very difficult to pass up for the discerning individual.
    In keeping with the tradition, everything is still "Made in the USA" upholding the quality and design of years past.


    Velva Sheen. If you ever had these tee's you will be happy we stock these now. 100% cotton,  superior sewing, finish, fit & materials. 100% co made in USA Cincinnati

    2 pack