Studio D'Artisan, a little more insight

Posted by Sepp Dedeyne on

For the Fall-Winter delivery from Studio D'Artisans we got the perfect Japanese jeans made for us. An Ivy fit, so featuring a shorter inseam to show of those great socks you got, and available in two shorter lengths so you don't have to go alter them.

So it's an understatement that Studio D'artisans knows how to make a pair of jeans as they have been at it for decades at this point, they are masters at it and the jeans are never just jeans there is always a lovely twist to it, a different cut an interesting material, just that little detail that makes them something different. These rinsed jeans were woven on the G3 Shuttle Loom machines that were originally used at the start of the denim craze back in the 70's in Japan and give them a nice rough and uneven texture. 

So you can be sure they are well made and a lot of thought went into the design, but at the end of the day it's a great pair of jeans that looks amazing on a pair of loafers or on a Cordovan Blucher and with the different rises and washes there should be a pair in there for everyone who likes an Ivy cut. 

All four models are now available here.


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