The Outfit Contest - 4- Alexandre, Lyon, France

Posted by Sepp Dedeyne on

The contribution to our "outfit contest" created by Alexandre from Lyon. He prepared two outfits, one casual and this one that surprised me very much and i really do love it (FB)

Here an outfit I tried to make easy and relax, inspired by Riviera style ! I used to have a break every year in Italy
when Spring comes: I really gonna miss it this year.
The finamore soft poplin (his proposed shirt was sold out) shirt tuck in the pant, with the Italian collar open (or, two buttons, depends of the tan), nice and very
relax suit with aerial material, and these incredible loafers... to wear without socks !
Two accessories to upgrade the outfit: sunglasses with strong peronnality and a very "cinque terre" scarf !
Hope you gonna like it.

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