Simonnot & Godard x Frans Boone Caiman Croccodilus Fiscus belt Moro Medio

Simonnot godard
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Since we started our store in Knokke and actually also before we had a demand for Alligator and Croccodile, not those wide rough belts in strange colors, but the "Gentlemen" way.

We asked a couple of our clients to bring theirs, they mostly purchased it over 30 years ago, so they all looked so amazing i could not resist the demand. We put all the pictures of their belts together together with their needs and so we concluded there was only one guy in our surrounding who could help us. 

We teamed up again with Benjamin Simonnot again, to bring you this amazing "Caiman Croccodilus Fiscus" belt.

The Cayman  right from the Colombia was transformed into a belt by hand by Italian craftsmen, lined and stitched at the sides to last a life time. The buckles are handmade in Paris, by artisans who are specialized in horse supplies. If you look wel the are a bit assymetric, made out of solid brass and this will age really really nice. It will get dark if you don't polish it, so the shiny part removes then, or you can polish it, to keep it shine.

Caimano Rosso  Country of origin Colombia, buckle 100% solid brass, hand made in Paris.

Belt hand made in Italy

Width 2.5cm








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