About Us

Frans Boone Store

Frans Boone started in 1985 as a small 15 year old boy working in mens fashion business as a junior "do it all". In a short time he moved up to dress the store's key accounts, and building his own circle of clients that gave him their confidence.

This was quite strange, a 17 year old guy dressing landlords and ceo's of severall, but mostly Belgian origin.

After years struggling , patience, almost loosing his faith, he finally took over the business paying his own work, but still believing in the future and giving his own signature to his business... And he did, even more he ever expected... Italian tailors, high end brands, Us denims, shoe factory's, nobody was safe anymore.  Not afraid of taking risks in his collection, sometimes completely wrong descisions, he learned and learned. One thing was sure; He never looked to anybody else in his surrounding , state or country, or tried to imitate other stores. "I would rather hang myself if i had to do it the way my competitors do it" , was and still is his idea.

Years ago he started a small "blog" and discovered soon that he reached out all over the world. The interest for internet was born.

Now 5 years ago the first fransboonestore started in a very small set up, just some products, later the 2nd edtion followed, to become what is now. All driven by passion, completely independent, started from scratch, Frans Boone Store is now a still small but leading online store followed by a lot of clients, that meet the same personal service that's offered in-store.

We are shipping worldwide, the clients world wide are the friends of the store en more then once, they travel to visit the store once in a lifetime, Russia, Hong Kong, United States, Singapore, Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Korea, Germany, Canada, China, Japan, or any other country, we try to deliver and share the biggest love in Frans' life. FransBooneStore.

Still if there are any questions, send a mail to Frans.