NO Black Friday mania part II

 We are always browsing for new little brands, projects or just the best, worldwide.  A lot of clients appreciate our way of working and are always getting back to us, season after season. They like to buy when they want, even in January or February and we respect this. It also is highly appreciated by these clients we don't put the pair of shoes in sale they bought this year, we call this respect.

The good news is we offer a range of products that is well curated, let's say unique,  offering a rational price - quality balance even  a €1400 cashmere sweater can be fully hand spun, knitted and made with so much love and devotion  the price is correct. A lot of these products are unique.

Beside this,  my  personal opinion is it's dangerous for small independent stores. Black Friday is not an European tradition, it has it's roots where retail works totally different as well the climate for entrepreneurs is totally different. It makes small European retailers like us work at to low margins for three months, because when we announce a sale (or just 2 weeks before Black Friday) everybody starts to wait, a "buying strike" . After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you will never sell that product at regular price anymore, so we just generate a loss of sales for at least 3 months, only we will be able to sell a lot of great products at a lower price for 3 or 4 days. It doesn't make sense.

I understand big online stores and chain store's have to do this, it's their only way to get rid of the stock and make the share holders happy. 

We can't follow this way and so do a lot of other small independent stores... And if this happens the true "buying creativity" ends. The creativity doesn't start in big department stores, were the buyers work on budgets but meanwhile the closely look to the "real" buyers, who don't have a title, are never on the designer party's (they have to sell their collection Saturdays) , the retailer who knows his job form A to Z. With years of experience, no "insta-knowledge" but follow their hands, heart, smell and eyes and take the real risk to start new collections, sometimes they win sometimes they loose. I remember myself, buying 50-60 k of one of a prestigious tailoring brand, ; a 10% sell out was realised all over... but i never minded, it was an expensive lesson, i learned Vicuna was not selling itself so i call my job the most expensive university in the world, over 30 years now.

Anyway. that's why.


To keep our physical stores up and running and i would like to thank our extremely devoted staff (8 maniacs now, three more then last year ... including myself ) working 50 up to 80 hours a week to keep things turning, with lot's of pleasure and love for "their" product, that's for sure.

So look here to check out our new arrivals and enjoy