Discount codes / previous season conditions

It happens we publish "Discount codes" like during sale, or free shipping, or a personal discount code.
These discount codes cannot be added to other coupons or codes
To apply the codes
  1. Purchase the items you want in the sale department (or in case you have a personal code , wherever you like) and go to the shopping cart / check out.
  2. Follw this untill you arrive in step 2
  3. Fill in the code at the space below "have a discount code? Enter it here: "push the apply button, and you will see the price, tax, shipping and discount deducted at the right side of your page
  4. continue and done...
  5. if you still have problems, check the expiration date, or the used code.


Sale goods are not refundable, but can be replaced by other goods or a store credit.

On fully returned sales orders we charge a restocking fee of 4 euro