Tax Free Information Import Tax

For all purchasers outside EU . (USA, Asia, Africa, Russia, etc)


We offer all clients outside EU the so called "tax free" sales. This means free of VAT tax, but not free of Import tax or clearing costs.

The price tax free is at the right side of the EU price. Outside EU you will be charged import taxes based on this amount.


However, this is VAT free from our side. By purchasing goods from outside EU, you become an "Importer" and you will be charged "Import taxes" and duties in a lot of countries outside EU. Please inform yourself before ordering.

US clients are free of import taxes up to 800 USD. Over this amount you will be charged import tax over the full amount between10-20% .

The import taxes and duties are collected by the UPS driver. These are no shipping costs and have nothing to do with the shipping cost you paid already for shipment to Fransboonestore.


Fransboonestore is not responsible for these duties or taxes and we will not accept returns caused by this reason.

We reserve the right;

If goods are returned or refused by this we will deduct the costs made from your refund

We don't undervalue goods to avoid the import taxes, request will not be honoured, please don't bother us with this, as we have mails enough to go trough every day.