Finamore 'Traveller' shirt Napoli fit Collar Eduardo Alumo light Blue stripe poplin

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Finamore shirts are famous for their impeccable fit and sartorial finish. Made in Naples, Italy by artisans, they show what's all about.

These Finamore shirts are made to order for Frans Boone Store. This means Finamore makes the shirts to our own specs, based on our instore experience with the clients, who also gave their input.

To satisfy them and to make sure you will be happy too, we decided to scale up and to offer this typical cloth; Alumo Supraluxe Voyage. This 100% Swiss cotton, fresh and straight from Switzerland offers a perfect wear all day long and is easy to iron. It's a 2 ply cloth 110 grams a meter a so called 2 ply 120/2*

The Finamore "part" in this shirt, is the inimitable traditional sartorial make. Devoted men and women who are daily are cutting and sewing shirts meeting Finamore's expectations.

Hand attached sleeves with small pleats on top are a part of this, also handmade button holes showing the skills of the tailors. More handmade details are the collar and back ,attached with hand stitches and the joke, the little triangle with a finamore logo that protects the front and back part tearing apart.

We asked to make the sleeves a bit longer meeting the North European standards but more important, a very soft interlining for the collar and cuffs was used, to make the shirt very comfortable. The additional bones in the collar provide enough stiffness wearing a tie, but after work they can be detached and the collar is flexible and wears even more comfortable.

The Eduardo collar is a perfect balance between the more pronounced cutaway collar and a classic pointed down one. It suits both dress as well casual friday wear.

Most of these shirts are stocked in 2 fit's: The Slim Milano body and the regular Napoli body, please check the sizes to compare. click on the "Check the fit" button below.

We did split up the 2 different fits in 2 different products, so it's easy with our Virtusize app to compare both fits.

* The first part, in this indication 120, refers to the number of threads used per inch. so it give an indication how thin/fine a yarn is. The second part 2,  refers to the yarn count two ply means 2 yarns twisted together, it makes the yarn more durable, stronger.  The 110 gram is the weight of a square meter of cloth.

Made in Naples, Italy.


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