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Gitman Vintage Button down shirt pink striped

€ 175.00
€ 144.63 ex vat (outside EU, import tax not included)

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For their 40th, Gitman Vintage  reproduced 40 fabrics from the archives, ranging

from classic Oxford, poplin checks, tartans, linens, university stripes and some oft overlooked but never forgot prints.

A "once in 40 year experience" in our Gitman collection concidered to be the coolest in Europe. 

All shirts are button down, using chalk buttons and have a loop at the back and a 3rd button at the collar and perfect situated chest pocket.

Here we have a great pink striped oxford, being one of the first styles we ever stocked.

100% cotton made in USA



*due to the washing of the shirts sometimes sizes can be a bit less or more, we measure all shirts carefully, but still it's possible, we can't take any responsibility for this unfortunately