The Real McCoy's Wool Varsity Jacket Shamrocks

The Real McCoy's
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This Varsity jacket by McCoy's has been meticulously crafted based on archive pieces from the 1960s.

The Varsity Jacket, as worn by the ‘Lettermen’ who were awarded cloth initials by their college for exceptional sporting achievement is an emblematic garment deeply intertwined with American collegiate culture A symbol of achievement, identity, and tradition the jackets themselves were often bestowed upon athletes as a mark of distinction and are characterized by their unique construction, featuring leather sleeves on a wool body, distinctive from the full wool style more often referred to as Letterman Jackets. They were heavily customized with a combination of tactile chenille patches and intricate embroidery, often featuring the institution's achievements, mascot or slogan, alongside more personal references that add a layer of visual and textural complexity.

For this version, the body is made of Melton wool fabric developed in-house and which has been treated to reduce the oil content, giving it a vintage texture and making it less prone to attracting dirt and easier to maintain and the jacket is backed with a quilted-nylon lining. The sleeves, which are normally made of cowhide, are constructed from vegetable-tanned horsehide.

The jacket features a tonal snap button closure and slanted pockets with contrasting leather trim. Nylon & Wool blend ribbing finished the cuff, hem and collar.

The extensive adornments throughout the jacket include 3mm thick wool felt. Patches of this standard can only be produced by a handful of remaining craftsmen.

  • Oil Cut Wool Outer Shell
  • Nylon Quilted Lining
  • Horsehide, Vegetable Tanned Sleeve Leather*
  • Nylon Wool Ribbing
  • Cotton Sewing Thread for Construction
  • Chenille Patch on Left Chest and Left Shoulder
  • Felt Patch on Both Sleeves and Back
*To achieve a distinctive look, we have finished the leather to present its most natural character. Horsehide may seem damaged in certain areas but ticks, bites, scrapes, scratches, etc. are from natural wild life experiences and tend to be more visible the darker the leather is dyed. Please note that these characteristics are considered standard for all Horsehide products.

    Made in Japan.


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