The Outfit Contest - 1- Kenji, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Text by Kenji S.

These are all things I would wear myself, and in some cases I actually do. First up is a no-brainer for me: the Rocky Mountain Featherbed six-month vest in navy. This must be a contender for the most useful garment in the entire Frans Boone inventory! I wear it at least 8 months a year, as I hate feeling cold. And even on summer vacation, it's simply perfect for having breakfast on a veranda when the skies are clear and the air still chilly. It weighs nothing, but it will keep you toasty at all times because the grey goose down is of the very best quality. I keep the pouch in one of the pockets so I can always stuff it inside and put it away. Such a well-considered item. As for outerwear: like any man, I want a lot of pockets. Big and practical ones. I could have chosen a M-65 model (like the platonic ideal from the Real McCoy's, I own their M-43 myself) but I just love the fact that this Aspesi Bastogne jacket has a game pocket in the back, like a Barbour Beaufort! More pockets is always a big plus. Also, the cotton of an Aspesi field jacket fades nice and quick, sometimes that's exactly what you want. (* meanwhile the bastogne has been sold out, so we had to show the M-65 )


Next up: the OrSlow 107 five-pocket in white bedford cord. The 107 model is so comfortable, without being baggy. Also, the hardware (buttons & zipper) is just right. I have it in one-wash blue denim and in fine brown cord, but this is the time of the year to really start wearing white pants! I love this 'dirty' white because it is not classic like cream or simply stark white, which not everybody can wear without looking like a wannabe playboy in Nice. It's a bit more laid-back but you can still wear it with a navy blazer. I'd love to see what it looks like with this belt by Anderson's, I really like the buckle on this one and Anderson's belts are simply fantastic. The shoes... they have to be Alden for me. I have these unlined PTB's myself, the shade of snuff suede is pitch perfect and the Barrie last is always such a relief to wear: on city trips with long walks, it beats a lot of sneakers. An iconic shoe and rightly so. My favourite socks are these linen-cotton numbers by Pantherella. I have three pairs and I love them because your feet always feel fresh and the linen makes them last long. If you think I'm wrong about the ochre socks, just skip them! Going sockless is no problem with the unlined Aldens. Now for a bit more colour: I chose this red check by Gitman because it reminds me of an Arrow shirt I wore as a student in the '90's 😀. That's all - it made me smile and I just had to include it. 

And finally: headwear! I've not seen it in the earlier lookbooks, but I need something on my head because I don't have hair like Frans does. So, would I wear all this with a denim fatigue hat by Orgueil? Hell yes!


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