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Alex joined the company 5-6 years ago and joins me on almost every buying trip as an extended memory…. Instore we call him the Guru, because of his endless knowledge of facts, things I can’t even remember I saw, or purchased, he knows… … You can also see this in his outfit, all things we purchased in our latest buying trip in Tokyo, with some additions, he already liked the day of purchase are still his favorite pieces now in store. Selecting the amazing estate tweed coat from Orgueil as a main piece, all the rest is picked to match the color game of this coat.

The Orgueil coat has really some great details, and a kind of oversize fit, that is getting more and more interesting, especially in this way, worn over the 6 month Cardigan, a piece that would be better of carrying the name “12 month cardigan”, as many of the clients who bought this are telling the same story; They wear it all year round.

The jeans is our latest Studio D’Artisan delivery and available in lengths; Short (31) and shorter (28). Even Alex measures 1.86 cm he prefers the shortest, maybe to show the cashmere socks and our all-time favorite pair of Aldens, but also because it looks good and nobody complains about it. The shirt an oxford button down by Finamore and cashmere sweater in a great color called Harissa. These are true basic items in our collection. The sweater knitted By William Lockie is an iconic piece in a great quality cashmere and is available in many colors. The shirt we stock in 5 colors: 3 blues, a white and a pink. All year round.


A great outfit that is mirroring this era, quality above fast fashion





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