The Look Book - Part 10

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When preparing several looks for our look book blog, we wanted to add some looks that are inspired by an old school University. This kind of look was derived from many student and the prof’s wardrobes, but I believe after military clothes one of the most important influences in a gentlemen’s outfit.

In this look we played the game like this too, picking items from several countries, and manufacturers that all work from a different angle in the clothing industry, but this way an honest look was created, without looking like a victim of dressing…

The shell is one of our favorite Aspesi items returning every summer and sold all year round in our mild climate as a basic blouson, well finished in a strong nylon that surprises everyone in store. The classic printed sweatshirt by the Japanese Remi Relief label, is just perfect fitted, boxy, but not overdone, a real cool item, we usually stock in plain bright colors. Only in some occasions we allow a shirt under a sweater, but in this way it’s just the right way, made in USA in a selected fabric woven in one of the most interesting shirt fabric mills in Japan.

This shirt on a pair of well-made strong twill cotton chino’s will never be out of range, wherever you go, wearing them on a pair of suede Alden moccasin Tassel loafers. Both tassel and penny loafer a perfect alternative for the classic boat shoes or tassels.

On the oiled flex sole’s these shoes are easy to break in and wil be yours after some days wearing. Socks, we suggest the thin sea island socks made for Frans Boone Store, or the footlets.

Last but not least a narrow belt with a great buckle, made to order by Andersons again!

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