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frans boone seppSepp joined the company almost 2 years ago. He is the youngest and for us a great colleague, with an open view and teaches us the world of the millennials, that they are not always lazy or spoiled, but they just search their own way to build a future, enjoying their work without being stressed like a lot of the 70, 80ies generation guys, showing of their latest car or watch…

Anyway, here is his favorite look, that shows the sense for classic quality pieces.

He created a look that is perfect for working from home and when you go out replace the Birkies (I am ordering these as much as possible when available in snuff suede, they are always out of stock in my size) with a pair of white common projects achiles, that meanwhile has the same iconic status as the Birkenstocks.

I cant tell much about this look, but I think it’s just a perfect example of how some young guys developed a kind of  taste, that I have still to teach to 50 years old guys still wearing skinny jeans and to tight shirts... (don't mention the shoes...)


Well done, a great use of the Duffle coat!

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