The Lookbook - Part 11

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Creating looks is always a challenge, it’s like dressing a client in real life, but in this case, you don’t see the client in front of you. Impossible looks are all around, but I prefer to create something that makes sense and look good on you.

For this look, I have a person who is not that into the rugged scene, but also don’t want to look to dressed up.  Items like the “gun club” inspired jacket, are a good starting point and so it started with this one form Montedoro, that surprised me again this year, with a great simple fit like the K jackets of Boglioli in the older days, so a nice round shape and accommodating most postures that are used to Montedoro or Zanone. A slim fit, but when you wear a Zanone 54, you can take a 54 in this one too. This kind of jackets works pest on denims or like here a pair of popelino drawstring pants in this blue or in the sand, or even olive, it will all work, as the colors are present in this seersucker jacket.  Here a Finamore Giro Inglese shirt with a great Ustica collar was selected, but also a polo or long sleeve tee would work well. Coming back on the Ustica collar, it wears well without a tie, but also wearing it with a tie is possible, you just close the collar with the tie, and it looks great.

Since this look is very well in town, commuting, it’s also a good idea to bring a short parka, to wear on top if it, in a quick dry Nylon that protects you against wind and rain when suddenly the weather changed when going home in the evening, or when you travel by bike.

For those relaxed looks, the evergreen, Achilles Original White, from Common Projects is still the pair of sneakers to beat, the calfskin get’s smoother every day and what else do I need to tell here? Even there are too many “look a like’s” created by very creative designers, it’s still a pleasure to wear these when the weather allows you to again.

Easily these sneakers could be replaced by a pair of classic Alden Plain toe in #8 Cordovan, a look that will be even stronger, but sometimes this just works well this way.

All pieces are perfect for travelling, almost wrinkle free and perfect for sunny days in June or July.

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