Lookbook - Part 12

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What’s this? Well, sometimes you just want figure out if a print or embroidery works well on you. Some guys just can do it, others just don’t. In this outfit it’s all about balancing between yes and no… The silhouette allover is a slim silhouette, the eyecatcher is the velvet jacket, with … An embroidery on the back.

The whole outfit goes back to 50íes and early 60ies, again a kind of college look. The guys wearing short jeans, tapered fit and a higher rise. Somehow the Studio D’Artisan jeans are perfect in this look, they are tapered, slim and made in a great denim that’s  not like cardboard, but is still real denim, compared to all those  stretch “leggings”, so called “sartorial” denim”, a look that started 15 years ago, and is finally coming to an end (I hope so because it really got to bad). To catch up with the short length jeans, you could need a pair of socks, unless your ankles are tanned from the sun and you visited a good pedicure, a pair of fine sea islands are the best possible and this color works well with many outfits, surprisingly.


The madras Gitman button down shirt, plays a color game with the 100% cashmere William Lockie sweater, works well , just to change and also you could imagine wearing just the jeans and shirt on these loafers without socks, considering you can…


To cherry and also the starting point, is really a nice piece, it’s just well on the outfit selected, the contrast is great and the cord used, is one of the nicest cords I’ve seen used for jackets, it’s like purple-navy -black in one time, like the feathers of a bird…

The history of this jacket is in the product description, and to learn more about all items, you can click here, and you will see the pieces in detail

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