The Look Book Part 1

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fransboonestore.lookbook part 1


The firs tin our range of looks that will create a Lookbook finally is this outfit i am always chasing but every time when trying it myself i feel not 100% comfortable, because details are missing. But now we are really close. The Caruso timeless jacket really fits a wide audience. The jacket is made in Parma, Italy, by the skilled tailors of Caruso, using the Loro Piana Zealander hopsack cloth, that is all year round one of the best  blazer fabrics. It's a les wrinkling open structured cloth, the 2 patch pockets a must on jackets like this.

The Finamore Winchester shirt is made of a Japanese chambray, both the white and blue pieces are. We ordered it "Made to order" as it's a perfect match to this look at Finamore. It comes in 2 fits, the slimmer Tokyo one for the athletic guys, or  the Regular fit Gaeta fit, for a more Franco-American look -I like the idea of the older business men in Paris in summer wearing their Old England shirts in the past - 

The contrast with the beaten up jeans and the Alden unlined loafers are the part i like best, and since we are buying a lot of shorter length jeans (like lenght 30) it 's nice to don't wear it cuffed up, but just short on these exclusive unlined cordovan #8 loafers made in the USA.

to be continued...

ps here you can find the items in one "bag".

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