The Look Book - part 3

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It will always be an endless discussion i will not initiate here,  who does things better in tailoring world. Remember the discussions two guys had on an Italian fair, one British and one Italian about shoulders and you will agree both worlds have their point, so leave it.

Anyway, we have our preferences, based on our history and so do our clients.  This outfit shows mainly Italian tailoring and British shoes, but it could be also 70% British including the shoes, but these could also be made in USA.

This is the way many Italians in our clientele think too. The best shoes for our kind of taste are made in UK or US, (it’s an opinion, not a fact, don’t start to shout or cry please)  .

For tailoring we do love the Italian suits, jackets, outerwear, pants and shirts. So this outfit is an example of our ID.

The first piece is the Kired coat that’s reversible. A bright side fort he colorful days or just the grey days, a subtle tan side for a more decent look. Almost all clients like it best with the cuff slightly turned up, it looks great at both sides.

The Loro Piana rain system used for this coat ensures you a waterproof shell at both sides and it’s breathable on top.  The finish and fit of this coat is really of a high level , showing thre skills of the Kired mother company, Kiton (years ago i sold a similar coat of this brand, so that’s why i was happy to see this one in the affordable Kired collection).


A newcomer, but also actually been wit us before is De Petrillo, a family business from Napoli, answering the question of many amongst us. True tailoring, but also a correct fit. We started this season with some of their proposed fabrics, that actually were suggested to show on our trunk show, that was cancelled due to the Covid-19 crises.  After this we will work with a selection we made ffrom several British fabric suppliers as well some exclusive woven cloth by Fox Brothers. This will also be used to have our own collection, made in Italy too. The cloth will also be sold separate on our site, for those who want to use it to create their own unique piece by their own tailor. More news in this later..

The shirt is an evergreen in our collection, a soft collar and cuff Finamore shirt that’s perfect for dress use, but also works very well on a pair of white jeans. The Alumo poplin fabric is made at the highest standards possible and is unique used in this set up. These shirt are made for years already and are in our core program available all year round, in 2 fits; Gaeta – A comfortable fit with a generous sleeve width and chest and waist size, to offer the comfort stronger guys need, but also looks nice on less athletic postures and sometimes skinny guys look better wearing this too. Tokyo – The slim fit with a narrow waist and slimmer sleeves, perfect for the athletes and skinny guys who don’t like a lot of “extra” fabric. 

The pants are also a story that entered our idea of a total look slowly and suddenly it happened. The amazing offer of traditional Italian but also a lot of British fabrics of this Rota company, matching their perfect product, generates a pair of pants , that can be called a true pair of pants for a man.

The rise is moving up again, at first sight it feels strange for many clients as they were all used to the lower rise and now they have to get used to the waist that goes up again. But it offers a lot of comfort we almost forgot… The look also offers a better balance in leg and back length, so it makes sense. The finish of this product is really clean and nice, the cotton pants are yarn died, so clean. A bit more dressed up compared to our Incotex range, that offers mostly garment dyed cotton pants.

Well, what to say about the shoes, tie and socks? These are all British, made by Drakes, shoes by Edward Green and the socks for Frans Boone by Pantherella, in 100% Sea Island Cotton in r we selected for our permanent sock collection.

Anyway, i hope you don’t mind writing this, but now we have some more time left i think it’s great to explain a bit more our selection. Have a great day!


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