The Lookbook - part 5

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“Easy day’s office”, “travel”   or a “night out outfit”


Yes , these days we are all “locked down”, but I am sure we will start quick and even go faster after when we go back to normal modus again. For us it’s just the question “if” we start again, and then it’s “when”.

But we are getting used to this daily routine now , showing a new outfit  every 2 days. A daily routine, because taking the pictures costs time, the online store work, packing, answering questions, it all needs time and time is very precious.

So when you leave the house but just don’t know where the day ends and you don’t know when you will be home, an outfit like this one can be very helpful. It’s a look that is so clean and simple, no tailored look, but also no jeans look or rugged, but just clean simple items.  Even these shoes are copied that much by high and factories and cheap sh*t creating company’s sold on every corner of the street, the Achilles low from common projects is still the standard, as it’s the original  (idea) .  The leather upper, insole and inside parts created a new standard 10 years ago, that still is hard to beat .

The eyecatcher here is the Barena jacket, actually also it started 10-15 years ago, and was copied also by many renown brands, but they could not achieve the look or fit, never it worked out well. Also the price point of these jackets is great! The jersey jackets are very comfortable and are well proportioned; correct sleeve and arm width , a decent back length, and very neutral colors. This grey fits all pants or even shorts.

The pants are the new Incotex standard; A stretched waistband with drawstring on top of regular fit trousers, no sweatpants like pants, but decent and a bit dressy pants in very light fabrics.In this case it's a japanese Nylon with a finished cuff that has a stretch part at the back side, but you can also have it unfinished and i lik eto have this unfinished one altered to a 3 cm cuff...  I can tell you last summer I used these pants on all buying trips and a lot of time I was very happy wearing this instead of shorts in towns like Paris or Milan. It’s like you wear airconditioned pants, instead of shorts.

Talking about air conditioning; The long sleeve polo by Zanone we stocked last year too, was that successful people called this the air conditioned polo shirt brand, because of the “Ice Cotton”used in this series . “Ice cotton” was used by Zanone for years, it never changed, but now it’s a value in our store that doesn’t go away. The black is one of the few black items we sell, but in this look we already show two, so you never know what evolution will bring us …

Anyway, this look is simple, clean and cool and we sell It best to average length guys in their middle ages, a kind of “arrived” and don’t need to dress up to much…

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