The Look Book - Part 4

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Luxury sportswear, or Golfwear?

This is the only title I can imagine for this post. When purchasing the items we just placed ourselves in another man’s mind. What would you take if there was no restriction within our brand list? In this a guy who plays Golf, but also it could be to go watching a game…


The Kired jacket is one of those really surprising items! Th finish is that nice, it’t shows it’s tailored, not mass produced. The stitching, the zipper, the way it’s made reversible… All expensive details in the design that only can be discovered having a good look at it. Then you will see it’s more then an average hooded blouson. The jersey white side, looks amazing on a pair of jeans and a red polo, but the green side used in this post is amazing on the Red Incotex for Golf pants!

These pants were especially designed for Golf players, something I remember from the 90’ies… It surprised me that much I could not resist and knowing we are very close to one of the most prestigious Golf courses in Knokke, we did purchase it in 2 great colors! It has plenty details. The tees, but also a pocket to store a ball that doesn’t bounce your leg on every step. The fabric feels like the current luxury nylon should feel. Soft and rich, as it’s a bi stretch, that is home washable, quick dry and easy breathable, perfect for many happy Golf days.  The leg is comfortable and fit looks nice, wear it short on your golf shoes.

The polo shown here is a true Slowear Classic; The Zanone Ice cotton in a grey mélange, some clients call it a polo with build in airconditioning, only wearing it, you will now how it feels and that it justifies it’s price knowing  some other polo’s form Italian brands are double priced and not offering that fine jersey.

Your shoes are of course the Golf shoes, but when you wear it also as a casual outfit, these Common Project Tracks are the best alternative made worldwide…

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