The Lookbook - part 6

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It's difficult to tell you how to wear this soft hand RRL jaquard shirt jacket, but it's sure it can be worn in many set up's. For this look we selected one of our Icon pants made by Orslow exclusive for Fransboonestore; The Easy cargo pants ina strong crisp poplin that ages like no other pair of pants you own. Orslow pants are made to last long and as the name tells you it's "slow" fashion. No new styles every season, but just great items, made to demand or just picked form their timeless collections. These pants are great to wear when shorts are not suitable and the drawstring waistband, makes it easy and comfortable to wear. When commuting by bike, the cargo pockets are always a plus, besides the fact it looks cool, with the RRL shirt look. To make it more easy to take of your jacket, you better wear a decent strong white tee. Here you are; The 2 packs of Real McCoys are the instore favorite crew neck tee. They feel strong, last a long time and are perfect all year round. It's not a thin fine tee (we sell James Perse for this), but the opposite, it feels strong, but not itchy. The length of this tee is perfect on pants like this. It's just on the waistband of your pants. We prefer it to be worn one size up, also as when washing it and tumble dry it shrinks a 5% so be aware!

The sweater is one of those items you won't select if you are into branded items. But when into a quality piece, this one is hard to beat. It's finished like no other sweater, look at the neck details and hem and cuffs, just great. The color looks nice with the white tee in this look and this color was derived from the natural cotton color , breeded by Sally Fox. She started the cotton debate and promoted organic cotton as a true pioneer!

No socks is an option by fashion lovers, mostly with too white ankles in our area. This needs socks and in this kind of outfits we prefer a bit thicker cotton socks that are soft and comfortable. That's why we asked a renowned sock knitter in Leicester to knit our own preferred line-up of sock colors. This Chamois is one the these bright colors we stock next to a cream and light blue. These colors are perfect in summer on jeans, chino's or even shorts when worn correct. With the tan colored Aldens like shown here the chamois teams up very well. These Aldens are a great make up, as an alternative for the unlined suedes, with a better last and fit. Also this color works well in autumn with flannels or with a pair of jeans for sure. Anyway, it started with the shirt, that almost speaks for itself, but one thing i do like very much, are the side pockets in this shirt, well positioned and really easy in daily use...

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