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staff pick ralf

Ralf is already a while with us... His roots are around the area of our store and after a career in the real estate he decided to follow his passion, tailoring. Honestly, tailoring is his passion, but he got slowly infected by wearing great ready to wear pieces and surprises me sometimes wearing it in a way I never had the idea, but it looks amazingly well. So, in his early 40íes he manages to create his own personality his outfits. The outfit he selected here is one of it. However, a bit more dressed than usual, i think the colors are done well, i just see him wearing it without any doubt. The field jacket is the Toronto form Aspesi, one of their iconic pieces, they suddenly decided not to produce anymore. For us it's a great style so we decided to order a considerable amount assuring us it would be produced for us only. We have some pieces left, but not that much, a new production will not be possible as a new management decided different. So last chance. The fabric is the famous Army twill that was for years the Aspesi iconic fabric used for this kind of jackets. As the cotton cloth is garment dyed, it's soft and feels worn in. The fit is great to wear on a jacket, or a bit oversize on a white tee. The jacket is a Caruso Aida soft shoulder in a Loro Piana Zealander hopsack. An all year-round item. The pants are tricky. They are meant to be worn short, above the shoes while most pants in this fabric are more regular fitted. The Royal Batavia is a traditional Incotex Venezia cotton stretch fabric, in nice colors available that look clean and fresh. As the pants are finished at a cropped lenght it's a 74 75 cm inseam, so it looks cool with the nice 100% cotton sea island socks, made by Panther Ella for Frans Boone Store in Leicester, UK. Shirt and tie are a perfect match, A chambray shirt and a tie are working well together in bit prep look, that can be worn to the office, but also for a dressed date or lunch. We do stock a lot of these club and regimental ties, after browsing a couple of weeks trough the Drakes Archive books, the stripes are fresh, clean and timeless and have a strong identity, you must be able to handle... They were made in indestructible rep silk, so they will be a present for your grandson when you don't want it anymore ;-) Finished with the snuff suede plain toe Aldens (that unfortunately still are affected by insane import taxed charged by EU in the trade war, so we don’t have much stock left at the former lower price  )and an Anderson custom made belt it's a really Ralf outfit, well done!

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