The Look Book - Part 7

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Ok guys, here we go…

Look 7 is a look we can’t sell in our store as a set. However, some people buy these pieces in a different time frame and then match it. But sure is, the color red brings the beige and grey alive.

The polo of Drumohr is a garment dyed pique, we stock it in some great colors. The collar is just dressy enough to wear it with a jacket, in a case of emergency, but again, some guys just get away with it very well (I am not, as you already might have noticed in the way I tell this story ).

Also, it could be nice in a white version, but white polo shirts we only stock from James Perse, because that’s the best hot, hot weather polo in white (later more…)

Anyway, this look could be perfect visiting an afternoon drink, or a restaurant in the Marina during summertime, the jacket pockets are easy to stow your wallet, phone and sunglasses case. Wait, the jacket?  Yes, a jacket, in one of the best linens available, that feels that strong, you know you buy it for a lifetime. Sartorially made by De Petrillo, our latest addition in Neapolitan tailored jackets.

The make of this jacket is just well done, it has a quality feel and you have an idea it needs to be broken in to become “your” jacket. Now it’s very easy to do this with linen, but this one woven by Spence Bryson just has the perfect weight and structure. Spence Bryson is a part of the family owned Ulster Weavers Ltd, in Banbridge Northern Ireland.  So, a good quality of tailoring and a high-end quality of linen makes this jacket worth every cent. Consider you could also be wearing this linen jacket more formal with a pair of lightweight Incotex Trenta wool cashmere pants, a white shirt and shantung tie, attending a dressier occasion.

For this outfit however, we selected a pair of Incotex drawstring pants. Drawstring pants? Yes, this was also our reaction, but really, they work very well. Especially with; Yes!  A polo, a long sleeve tee or a fine sweater.  These pants are a bit dressy without being to formal, their look is clean and crisp, and the weight is always lightweight, so perfect for summer days, when shorts are just not appropriate or even misplaced. (visiting Paris in shorts is just not functional) Also they have a kind of climatized effect, so it’s even more fresh to wear these pants instead of your favorite shorts, when the sun is really burning.

The idea is to wear it or with a half stretch cuff, (like a pair of track pants) but honestly I prefer to wear and sell it with a 3 cm cuff (I will show t effect later in this blog).

The outfit here is shown with a pair of Aldens, the stylist Photographers choice, but I could imagine it also with a pair of Edward Green Harrow loafers, perfect for hot days, without socks.

Food for thought, see you in the next post… To check out the items in this part, click here 





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