Japanese fabrics

Rota McQ pants

Hosted by Caruso Menswear Master tailor Gianluca Petronio and Frans Boone

Caruso Made To Order Days - September 23rd & 24th 2022

Another made to order weekend in collaboration with our oldest partner in tailoring. We will offer a wide range of exclusive fabrics, from Fox Brothers, Fox Brothers for Frans Boone Store, Loro Piana, W-Bill and many Caruso Exclusive fabrics. Unfortunately for those who never visited our store before we cant accept new prospects. First we need to serve the existing client.

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Socks are the finishing touch of your wardrobe, if you are not into hanks, bracelets or other peacock like stuff. They offer just that little more refinement to your shoes, one and one makes three in this case.

Pantherella offers a range of socks suited for every moment and some of the best colors out there.

The Real McCoy's Loopwheel sweats

Loopwheel machines are known to knit only a meter an hour, but they don't need much place. Like bees on a honeycomb producing a fairly unique fabric. Premium, soft and comfortable, it stretches and can never be copied by modern knitting machines that are used for almost all branded sweatshirts from other designer brands. They just can't afford this quality as they need the sweaters fast to keep shareholders happy.

The best socks, year round

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