New at Frans Boone - COHÉRENCE

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We are happy to tell you that we are now stocking the Japanese brand Cohérence. A brand that has been on our radar for a while and carries the values of our store.

Image by Oliver Dannefalk

Cohérence is the brainchild of Kentaro Nakagomi, created in a longing for the menswear of the past and drawing it's inspiration from the artists and intellectuals who transcended boundaries with their talent and translating that character into jackets.

Mr. Nakagomi has a background in textile design and pattern making and learned to cut and sew through a tailor who learned it's craft in Italy. After a job as a production manager at a menswear company he started his own company focused on one thing, the overcoat, based on his romantic idea of what a coat for the modern man should be, combining innovative fabrics with a classic approach. 

The jackets are entirely made in Japan with an immaculate eye for detail and no compromises. All fabrics are designed in-house, all jackets are finished sartorially in small batches and the fit of the jackets is exactly what it should be.

To find a brand that combines all of the above is a rare feat in the world of ready-to-wear clothing.

Check out the Corb & Corb II coats here.

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