Item Highlight - RRL Lodge Shooting Sportcoat

Posted by Sepp Dedeyne on

 Hunting sportcoats are a thing of the past, originally designed as hunting clothing for the British Nobility, utilitarian by design but always elegant and with the finest selection of materials.

All the modifications on a shooting jacket are made for so you can move easily in the jacket and each of these adds either to the jacket’s durability, flexibility, or the wearer’s comfort. The action pleats make sure you get enough movement range, while the gun patch, the Suede patch, protects both huntsman and jacket from the butt end of the rifle. The elbow patches enable the wearer to crawl if need be, and the large pockets are ideal for storing ammunition and other useful items. Usually made of tweed because of its warmth, breathability and capacity for withstanding the elements, but other fabrics were also used.

This one by RRL features a selection of great details like the tint of tweed, the leather piping, the suede gun patch and the leather elbow patches all things that have a certain panache to them and we think it's a stand out piece that can be worn in a contemporary way that makes sure you can easily go around town but in style.

Worn here By Frans with the Cashmere Harrisa Oxton sweater from William Lockie, a checked Benjamin shirt by gitman Vintage, Rota pants in Beige Cotton gabardine and a pair of Snuff Suede Chukka's on crepe.

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