The Look Book - Part 9

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This is really fruit from the cherry blosson tour we did in March 2019!

Yearly we try to visit Tokyo, as we are always avoiding trade fairs in Europe as much as possible.

The reason for this is we want to see more. We want to know the product better, so we can create a total collection for our clients… So we travel five days, flying half time of it and then race trough Tokyo, while having the best Pizza (Da Michele, Grazie!) or Waygu burgers... These day's our Aldens are doing about 15miles a day at least...

Walking from one collection to another one we came across a descente store and not only the look of it made me interested, but also the pants you see above… So, let’s go inside, try it and buy it. Honestly, I was so happy with these pants and jacket I wanted it for my store. After contacting we met the guys and we ordered the pants and jacket, to offer it to you to, really it works.

It’s a kind of hybrid… The slim cuff inspired me to do this on all instore sold Incotex drawstring pants summer ’19 and all clients buying these pants now want it again with the slim cuff.  The zip pockets are functional, because when travelling in it, sleeping in it, it might happen you lose cards, phones, coins, whatever, but in this case you don’t. So do the pockets on the jacket have zippers below the flap. It’s washable and dry in a couple of minutes, really, Japanese ingenuity on top.

As one of the other stops was the showroom and store of our studio d’artisan and Orgueil friends, we added to this look their long sleeve tee, as this is one of the most functional items too. A long sleeve always looks better and this one has very good looks in the Fox cotton or suvin gold cotton.

Fox cotton we told you about in a previous blog, the Suvin gold is one of the highest quality cottons far beyond the pima quality that is mostly the maximum you can find with European suppliers. It’s a very long fibre cotton that makes it feel much softer and comfortable then other, even better then the Zimbabwe cotton already known for this. It’s an exclusive quality for Studio d’Artisan.

When travelling, you need a backpack, and honestly, I do have a lot of backpacks, also form several Japanese suppliers bought in Japan functional, replacing briefcases to stow the laptop etc etc. But for daily use, just carrying the usual belongings, this one of Croots is my all time favorite and since we created this one even more as it’s not that heavy and ages beautiful, the double face Dalby canvas as an exclusive created for us (because I wanted a light one, next to my waxed canvas).  At your feet, we posted these Track by common projects, still the best made “look like sneakers, but walk and feel like real” shoes ever. You can wear these shoes a lot, they will survive at least 4 pair NB or Nike’s, so very sustainable indeed.These shoes are an indication, i personally prefer just a pair of plain to suede Aldens on crepe sole, but they are almost everywhere in our blog...

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