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frans boone store staff dennisDear All,

The last 15 years I have been working as a manager in banking/financial services and human resources/human capital services. In this period I have always worn tailored clothing (think suits, shirts, ties, formal shoes, overcoats, the whole lot). Since I started working for Frans (I was a customer for years before I came to work for him) I tend to dress more casual. As a movie buff I take a lot of my inspiration from movies, especially from movies from the sixties and the seventies. Ivy League clothing also inspires me (timeless elegance). Further inspiration is derived from things like Pop art and Dutch artists/designers like Piet Mondriaan, Maurits Cornelis Escher and Gerrit Rietveld. I love history and am a kind of an Italophile. I hail from the great city of Utrecht, the best city to live your life in The Netherlands. 

I thought of Steve McQueen when I was browsing through our selection in the shop. Steve McQueen has the unique talent to look good and stylish in every kind of environment, in whatever kind of clothes (both formal as informal). When you are wearing more casual clothes it can be a challenge to keep it al stylish. I like some kind of minimalism, especially in regard to dressing in a more casual manner. The ensemble the late great Steve McQueen wears in ‘The Great Escape” is in my opinion one of the best casual looks ever! So what I picked from our collection are elements to recreate an updated “The Great Escape” look. Hope you like it!

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