The Outfit Contest -5- Marijn, Ghent - Belgium

The Outfit Contest -5- Marijn, Ghent - Belgium

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About the outfit:

 Text: Marijn D, Ghent, Belgium

In the my restaurant, @eetkaffee_de_lieve,(free to follow on instagram)  i have decided not to compromise on my choice of product. This means that my vegetables come from organic farmers from West Flanders, I look for sustainably farmed meat, Flemish fishermen support and even pay a serious surcharge for dairy products because they are not industrially manufactured.

At first it was purely about taste, but now I understand that with my small restaurant I support a whole new, or forgotten, economy.


This philosophy could not but impact the rest of my daily choices, illustrates my outfit: Frans Boone Store has become my one stop shop. Quality, sustainability and supporting artisans.

The fact making endless combinations with a few pieces is great!

Currently I am especially a fan of the great color palette  that is available. Mixing it in my own it is easy to create a  personal style that is easy and versatile to use in several occasions!

This one works really well for me;

Alden cordovan 8, Norwegian split:

Shoes for eternity: after Frans convinced me with the snuff suede bluchers on crepe sole, a leather pair was added a little later.

Super comfortable and always dressed correctly. I haven't worn any other shoes since I bought my first pair of Alden’s.

Incotex model 53 carrot fit pants

The fit of those pants is great. Cut just short enough, nicely high on the hip. The fabric is super light on hot days, but warm enough in mid-season. I think it is important to choose light colors for your pants, even in winter. It makes you stand out. Especially when everyone wears black boots on black skinny pants with, of course, a dark top. There is only 1 Bryan Ferry and you really don't look like it!

Laurence J Smith heather orchid:

Fits perfectly on above pants. Of course, because almost everything fits on pants in a light color.

The wool used, the feel and the seamless knit immediately appealed. My second sweater from LJS. Wearing it often results in thumbs up!

In the future I want more colors, they are perfect to wear all year round.

Rocky Mountain Featherbed Christy vest:

This vest is  crazy in all areas! The fit is super tight and super light at the same time. (When sizing down) Mega warm, the collar certainly contributes to that. And absolutely everything has been thought of when making this vest: light, four pockets at the right height, inner pocket, strong snap buttons, ...

Seems a bit eccentric at first, but I don't take this off anymore. Finally Everyone should have a good blue shirt, just like socks in different colors!


Details matter: cool sunglasses and a vintage watch emphasize the personal taste, and tell who you are, just like the clothes…



Good luck guests! (“guests” is typical for Ghent)


See you soon

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